The Story of Holland Street


Holland Street, like many businesses, began life with a personal passion and relentless hope and ambition. This ambition is not a solely commercial one – it’s deep crevice of years of yearning to communicate the love of fabric and pattern. 

Holland Street founder Lauren Barfoot's interest in textiles runs deep in her family background, her grandfather and mother both had fabric shops and textiles has been a long standing link in the family for generations. Lauren graduated from Loughborough University before completing her masters in textile design from the Royal College of Art in 2011. She has since designed for Alexander McQueen and was the print designer for Zandra Rhodes. 

Named after the street that Lauren grew up, Holland Street is a more than an address, but a childhood creative home where Lauren’s awareness of creativity evolved and the journey of design education began. Home is where you gather people to create with you, a place where you put things together, a growing of values and a cocoon from real, raw life, a place filled transparency and colour. 

This is what encompasses Holland Street and proves that meaningful businesses can communicate their values with transparency and honesty. ‘Home’ is seen in our mind as a wider entity, on a global scale, this planet we call home needs to be nurtured, to feel safe and protected.

We see parallels to our ‘body’  as our home in a more present way and with that, what we wear reflects and cocoons our ourselves, self esteem and expression on a daily basis. 

We believe that everything has a footprint and by keeping to the smallest circle with the most minimal processes, natural materials, your choices you make in commercialisation can remain true to the sustainable label values.

Holland Street was created in 2014 and has been created by years of of refining, redefining and reinventing how we see the industry to build a better future whilst retaining the joy of design, we can wholeheartedly say we are emotionally connected to what we do.

Pic. Lauren at Fenwick Bond Street. Our first main stockist.