Our Business Values


Holland Street rotates around four business values, Creativity being the most recognisable aspect of the brand. 

Drawing is the first thing we focus on and takes up a large proportion of the creative process. The print is composed to scale and skillfully engineered to the placement of the garment shape. Unlike most fashion houses we don’t print in repeating lengths but in tailored blocks for each garment design. Ultimately making our products minimal waste. The technology we use allows for personalisation and multiple colourways. Each collection tells a unique story through textile print design.

Connection and Wellness. 

With buzzwords such as 'Hygge', Wellness, Happiness floating around, Holland Street has addressed this challenge in our ever growing, busy lives. Prioritising wellbeing and relaxation has led to improved life satisfaction and enjoyment. Our loose, sensual 'cover-up' designs promote comfort and style which improves self esteem, love and individuality for strong and confident women worldwide.