What inspires our print collections?

It takes months and months of research and ideas building to create just one of the intricate designs in out collection. I, (Lauren) have a passion for drawing and can get carried away with developing motifs and playing with scale and compositions. This love of shape and pattern helps me feel emotionally linked to my work and I take great pride in ensuring the panels 'feel just right'. The next stage is colour and again I look for inspiration from all around me to help build the story, I am thinking of ways to cleverly communicate the journey and if you watch this space I might be doing some filming of the creative process soon. 

Moodboards and collating imagery is super important and I have books, folders and boards up around the studio for immediate reference. I will be sharing more of this in the coming months. 

This fab image by Sophie Robinson shows how focused you can be when experimenting with different patterns, lines, florals or themes. I find the tonal use of print interesting and dynamic with the fresh white and ochre. 


A Holland Street moodboard from a few years ago. You can see colour, shape and form developing here but it needs more refinement and editing before a print design can emerge.

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