Soft Circles

It’s easy to see a print design in a shop but the concept of the print completely passes you by. Or perhaps you wonder where the idea came from, why and where the original motif was formed. You might like the colour palette and consider the colour references, or just the fact that you like it but have no idea where the original idea started. 

My job as a textile print designer is to create an innovative and fresh perspective on pattern. Not many people consider the creative process that goes into building a fabric range, but at Holland Street I want to educate and inform this unique and exciting technique..   following a series of posts, I will be expressing my personal approach and document my journey from initial start to finalising the final print range. I start today with my first drawing inspired by what I call ‘soft circles’. My images represent research and snapshots into my daily life. I’ve constantly got my eyes Open to inspiration as well as scrolling through magazines and articles to keep up-to-date with contemporary trends. 

I am excited to say that the range inspired by ‘soft circles’ will be our next range which is printed onto a beautiful silk material. The colour palette is fun and bright with pink tones running through.

Take a look at these snapshots and keep following me for more stages of how I create the print range and garments available on our website.  



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