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Why does sexy lingerie and comfortable loungewear have to be mutually exclusive? Lauren Barfoot challenges these norms through her design label Holland Street by creating the unique concept of ‘loungerie.’

Launched in 2014, Holland Street was a finalist for the ‘New Designer of the Year’ in the UK lingerie awards - and with good reason. The label offers comfort without the sacrifice of style. Featuring luxury silk kimonos and robes perfect for any busy woman to chill out in. The indulgent crepe de chine silk offers a loose fitting shape that is sure to flatter as well as being soft to touch. 

The nightwear encompasses traditional British identity.

All the materials are sourced in Britain and each piece is hand crafted in the country.

Our favourite collection is called Carmen Camellia, which is quite fitting because the prints show off indulgent floral patterns. The delicate colours of tea-rose pink and lavender blue are visually appealing with an air of British heritage.

You can be assured that you won’t find everyone wearing this label either. The beauty of Holland Street is that the lines are all hand-made in small batches to ensure quality and attention to detail. Craftsmanship, luxury and exclusivity are all part of the values ingrained in the British brand.

The team behind the line has worked hard to deliver big so you can relax. That is the whole point of Holland Street’s ‘loungerie'. It promotes a positive and healthy lifestyle through the encouragement of mindfulness and meditation. Finding the balance in life can be difficult. Sure, you could jump into your trackie pants after a hard day’s work but sometimes we need to feel good in what we wear. Pride yourself in your appearance and what better way than in a gorgeous silk kimono?

So keep calm and treat yourself to Holland Street. 



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