Introducing 'Woven Dreams'

With three new sub collections launching in Spring 2018 we are excited to show you our inspiration and ideas behind each range. As you know Holland Street design kaftans, kimonos, robes (and now womenswear) and we categorise these items under beachwear and loungewear. Relaxation is one of our key business values and we want our customers to feel stylish and comfortable when taking time out to chill and recharge. Whether this is at home or on holiday. 

Woven dreams is designed with the focus on relaxation at home or in a hotel. The range is built up by three kimonos; two mid length, one long kimono all in 100% crepe de chine silk.

The mood board shows a particularly blue focus. However on reflection we decided to take more from the lilacs, pinks and pastel tones. The print and drawing ideas are represented in flowing branches and flowers, buds and blossom. You can see for the page of images there is geometric qualities taken from the trellis and woven influence. This is translated in the stripes boarding the collars and hems in all three items. 

The Dream robe is interestingly made up from a digitally printed design that has been created to look like a woven fabric (hence the name Woven Dreams). There is a floral silhouette placed over the top to add shape and pattern. 

Flora Nero and Flora Blanco are the two loungewear kimonos which we believe will make excellent Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas gifts. All our items are available in one size (fitting 8-16) and we gift-wrap each order in tissue paper and placed into a branded box. The print is somewhat more traditional than other designs in our catalogue but we feel the bold red flowers and larger scale leaves and stripes will be engaging enough to create a stir. 

From our design board you can see other designers work whom we have been influenced. Including Erdem, Wilder Botanics, Chelsea Harbour, Rob Ryan and De Gournay


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