Day 28. Stripe is my neutral.

Stripes (and usually of the black and white variety) are my so called ‘neutral’ print. They go with everything and offer creativity and flare with personality and coolness. It all depends on how you use them!

I’ve included some examples, fashion, interior and art showing where stripes just work and in varying degrees. Share with us your favourite stripe combination at @10hollandstreet!


Slide 1. Malene Landgreen. Painter 

Malene landgreen 10 Holland street stripes painting rca

Jo malone 10 Holland street stripes Branding textile design

Jo Malone Perfume packaging advertising image 1

10 Holland street packaging jo malone textile stripes patternity

Colourful stripes at Jo Malone. Brace colour combinations. Bold and individual. 

Camille Walala Salt Resorts Mauritius. Soft coral and purple with black and white stripes.
Camille Walala salt resorts Mauritius 10 Holland street stripes coral purple

10 Holland street stripes
Richard Brendon Bone China 

Patternity stripes 10 Holland street


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