Day 23. How to make TRAINERS

After posting an insta story earlier about an @iPlayer programme I watched about #trainers I thought I might base my blog post today on the textiles of these staple wardrobe items.

It’s not surprising that some shoes have become a collectors item when so many design processes and techniques go into them. The manufacturing processes are immense and high tech and from what I can remember from the program, half a million pounds are spent a year on scientific experiments on trainer innovation and ergonomics.

The possibilities of designs are endless and materials and colours are what make each pair so exciting to me. Scroll along for creativity at its best!


Slide 2 Nike Flyknit technology uses high-strength fibres to create lightweight uppers with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability. A sock style comfortable trainer that looks so easy and cosy to wear!

 Flyknit rca Nike Holland street

Slide3. Microscopic foam images from a shoe sole. The more air pockets, the more weight is absorbed from each step.

 Foam under microscope trainers rca Lauren Barfoot 10 Holland street

Slide 3. @SarahMoyer shared fellow RCA designer @helenkirkumstudio a few years back. I was instantly impressed in her reused and reconstructed trainers which she collaborated with iconic sports and fashion brand @lacoste for.

 Helen Kirkum rca trainers sustainable 10 Holland street Lauren Barfoot

Slide 4. A deconstructed trainer

 Deconstructed trainer design 10 Holland street rca

Youll Never look at your trainers in the same way after watching this programme.




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