What Is The Kaftan Club?

A Kaftan Fan Club. We are building a community of fellow kaftan lovers, to inspire, educate and share images and articles about these fascinating items of clothing. 

The Kaftan Club (and @TheKimonoClub) came from my passion and life long obsession with these styles are garments. From as soon as I remember being interested in Fashion and Textiles I was drawn to the silhouettes, patterns and oodles of cultural history that surrounded them. 

I choose to focus predominantly on these as a Textile Designer at the Royal College of Art and have based many a thesis on these beautiful items of craftsmanship and artistry. 

The kaftan is again a flattering and comfortable item, seen throughout history and in contemporary culture. I describe the kaftan as the perfect large canvas to communicate my hand-drawn and painted textile designs (HollandStreet.co).

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