The Rise and Rise of the Lifestyle Blogger.

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The rise and rise of the lifestyle blogger. Holland Street London


Rise of the lifestyle blogger. Holland Street London Relaxation and self care

Relaxation and self care. Holland Street London's lifestyle blogger Marina Kensington

We were recently sent some beautiful images of Marina wearing pieces from The Camellia Collection. What Marina communicates in these fresh images is a beautiful relaxed setting that is in-keeping with Holland Street's business values and beliefs. The rise of the lifestyle blogger has got us thinking about what our customers are looking for and how they wish to build their own lifestyle within their homes. 

Pictures of candles, flowers and pedicures all remind us that self care and building self esteem is an important part of anyones life and choosing how to spend your time relaxing is truly the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Marina wears the Classic Camellia kaftan and the Aurelia Rose kimono

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