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Hi everyone, this is my day 5 Isolation Blog post and I wrote a really long lengthy chatty message yesterday which  I stupidly deleted by mistake!  so I am re-typing this now to delay my frustration.

(Disclaimer :) Please excuse any spelling mistakes or badly written text I have a toddler running around my feet as I write)


Anyway this blog post is going to be about exciting interior inspiration I’ve seen around lately, everyone is sharing positive parts of this isolation period and the dreaded covid virus that has changed all our life’s in so many ways. I figured that to help people think up ideas about their home environment that we spending so much time in, I’m sharing daily tips and relevant interior design links. I’m  hoping to link up with you a bit if our new range and tie in suitable but tasteful ways to get a bit fun 10 Holland Street into your life.

Today I’m sharing two images of  fantastic casual interior design of Casa Proudlock and Absolutely magazine which we have  been featured in before. What I love about the relaxed aesthetic   is the connection and association we make in our own homes, The messy bed the simple layout the cheaper furniture these are all things that can be achieved within everyone’s homes and make us feel less intimidated about our surroundings.

Having a young family we can see that everything is never perfect we have clothes hanging up in our bedroom drying we have smelly nappies occasionally in the bin the corner, however it’s the little things in the room that make you think twice about why you put them there, the pretty cosy cushion, your lovely printed curtain fabric, white walls that have a more relaxing tranquil feel, and not to mention the family photos framed on the walls that give us great happiness.

Something we talked about a lot and 10 Holland Street is sustainable and more environmentally-friendly production methods we use, these include minimal waste production and pigment printed fabrics you can read more about this in our about us page .

I suppose what I’m saying is don’t be so hard on yourself when the house is messy its the charm and personality make it a home.

If you’re trying to create a home environment like Casa Proudlock and absolutely magazine then consider coordinating the Park Life fabric in Blush or Carnival.

10 Holland street park life carnival cotton and linen fabric



10 Holland street fabric linen cotton park life





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