How To Reduce Your Environmental Impact.

Now more than ever, considering how we can individually reduce our environmental impact has never been more important. At Thought we understand the struggle of trying to maintain a sustainable lifestyle in amongst the everyday busyness, and have put together some of our brand partnerships to make living sustainably that little bit easier.

Here, we list four of We Are Thoughts brand partnerships that will help you to live a little more thoughtfully:


Did you know that with every laundry cycle, countless numbers of microfibres are released from our clothes, through our washing machines, and finish up their journey in the ocean; causing danger to our wildlife?

Luckily, Guppyfriend’s washing bags catch these dangerous fibres before they have a chance to escape, which means that each wash load of laundry you put on will be kinder to the planet.

Good To Bee

Store your food with a beeswax wrap and keep your food fresher for longer. Made from 100% organic cotton, Good To Bee offer packs of three beeswax wraps for cheese, sandwiches and even packs for everyday use. Giving you an effortless way to carry your food on the go while feeling good about your environmental footprint, simply wash and reuse at the end of the day. These wraps are the essential accessory for every lunchtime as a single-use cling film replacement, and help you to live more thoughtfully.


Sustainable skin and beauty care brand Upcircle was founded in 2015 by sibling dream team Will and Anna, who came up with the concept for coffee-based skincare after recognising the huge amount of coffee grounds that go to waste every day from London coffee shops. The duo hatched a plan to collect these wasted coffee grounds and develop them into high-quality skin care, packed with anti-oxidants, that is as kind to your skin as it is to the environment. From 100% recyclable packaging to their handmade, organic, vegan and cruelty-free products, what’s not to love?


Flo is on a mission to make sanitary products that are both natural and kind to the planet. Made of 100% organic cotton and bamboo, their collection of pads, towels and tampons will be your new best friend and delivered straight to your door each month. Providing support in more ways than one, Flo also support girls and women in need with 5% of their proceeds going to charities like Orchid Project among others.

If you’re after feminine hygiene products that are plant-based, comfortable and importantly leak proof, these might just be the perfect sanitary products for you (oh, and they’re super affordable too!).

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