Day 65. Salad leaves.. A new appreciation of their form.

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Way back on Day 13 of lockdown I wrote a short post about how gardening was opening up many new experiences. I had just sown mustard seeds, micro greens and salad leaves in pots on our window sills. 

After weeks and week I can proudly say that those humble seeds have developed into yummy produce and we ate much of it in salads and as a snack (albeit in very small quantities). I was just looking at the salad leaves who are happily growing bigger and noticed the beauty of each leaf. The variety was amazing and I was confused as to how many shapes could appear from the same pot. 

A lot of my recent work has been inspired by cut outs and I am interested in finding shape and form from objects. These leaves lined up once picked show curved lines, spiky qualities as well as muilti-directional pattern. a design in themselves... Maybe it time to trace around some of these and create some prints from nature.

10 Holland Street Linen fabric textile design florals

Who knew that planting that humble seed could results in all that!


An artist that I love is Petra Borner, she is a great one for paper cut outs and reminded me of the great potential of cutouts in the design industry. 

Here is some work of hers entitled 'Summer'.

10 Holland Street Petra Borner Summer Floral Print textile cut outs


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