Day 41. Gardener’s World. Our guilty pleasure during lockdown!

10 holland street rhododendron Day 41. Chris and I have a new guilty pleasure 🙈. It’s @bbc #GardenersWorld! We watched three episodes last night and haven’t stopped talking about it!

It’s not surprising that a lot of us have picked up gardening recently, but we are hooked (and incredibly grateful to have our outdoor space!)
We have a LOT to learn but it’s all a journey.
Today we’ve moved the #fatsia as it wasn’t looking good in the full sun-oppss. We planted some #peonies as well as some #zinnia seeds. Plus we gave the garden and front #wisteria and #rhododendron a good watering! #littlesteps #gardening #lockdowngardening #wellness #nuture #flowers #design #10hollandstreet #montydon @gardenersworldmag
1.wisteria 2. Monty Don Gardeners World. 3. Rhododendron 4. Tulip 5. Montana


Monty don 10 Holland street flowers garden

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