Day 40. Positive Thinking and The Power of Yellow

POSITIVE THINKING and the power of yellow 💛💛💛.
#Day40. This morning didn’t start the way I was expecting. It was a cloudy, grey sky. From the days of beautiful uplifting sunshine it was a little saddening and I couldn’t wait until the clouds lifted and we were embraced by the warm glow again.

Looking forward to next weeks forecast I can see a few spots of showers and less exciting weather to brace ourselves for. It got me thinking about how powerful weather is on my emotions.
I’ve always seen yellow as a happy colour and one I associate with sunshine and happiness. My flat in Tooting a few years back had a yellow front door and bright yellow kitchen cupboards so whatever weather or season I was experiencing there was the constant bright in my life.
During lockdown I’m struggling to think positively and see closure on this crisis situation. I’m thinking of lonely vulnerable people with no visitors and poorly people struggling.
I tried this morning to activate my positive thoughts and reminded myself on how much love Is going to be around when we are finally reunited with our families. Strength and good thoughts are needed, and when we aren’t feeling good there is always the sunshine (beneath the clouds) or a bright yellow kitchen.

Slide 1. @katespade
2. @pantone yellow colourboard
3. My happy, smiley boy.


10 Holland street power of yellow positive thinking

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