Day 33. Satsuma?

The colour orange. Brave and bold but oh so uplifting.


It’s not a colour I feel confident with wearing or choosing for a feature wall in my home but I’m beginning to fall more and more in love with it.


The sun and warm tones out the window have certainly cheered me up the last few weeks in lockdown, so why wouldn’t you want to emulate that all year round in your house?


When it comes to clothing, I’m getting bored of my navy, black and comfy and want to start injecting some fun, personality and most importantly adventure into my wardrobe.


Here are some ideas to brighten up your life, slides showing my favourite orange inspired clips taken from recent screenshots. @vogue @erdem @10hollandstreet

-florescent orange chairs as accents to a cool and calm blue dining room

-a orange silk neck scarf worn over complimenting  prints.

-Or our tangerine silk kaftan from our beachwear range.


10Holland street orange chairs interior design trend

10 Holland street erdem silk scarf orange trend

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