Day 19. The Most Memorable Design Exhibition I’ve Been to.

Whilst we're having a lot more time at home, I am finding it can often lead to much more reflection and thinking back to freeing times. I’ve been researching a lot of my ideas for future content and I’m certainly not short of bits and bobs that inspire me. This was something that sprung to mind as a post I wanted to feature.

When I’m teaching I often discuss my ‘creative process’ and I do believe that all artists and designers should have some form of routine in which they create a project or collection. This should be repeated and improved and creative consistency will prevail. 

COLOUR within this 'process' has always been my nemesis, I’ve always been envious of designers that can use colour very sensitively, ( In the past I have felt I can be quite brash and crude with shades and it’s hard to get the right colour balance ). Like an 'all neutral pallete' scares me! It’s part of the education and becoming more experienced with its use that colour truly then fits into place. I am growing and learning to be better with colour.

I've been thinking back to one of my favourite design exhibitions by colour theorist Hella Jongerius. The exhibition at the (then) brand new Kensington Design Museum comprised of a series of colour experiences that made you completely resasses how colour is created. Tones, shades, hues, complimentary, contrasting. Colour is multi faceted. 
I loved the way the pieces of work were art in themselves but told an educational and interactive story. 

'We see the world in colour but rarely do we appreciate how colour shapes what we see.

Breathing Colour by acclaimed Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, is an installation-based exhibition that takes a deeper look at the way colour behaves, exploring shapes, materials, shadows and reflections.

Jongerius isn’t afraid of colour, that’s the whole point in some sense. But she certainly has a aesthetic. I am attaching some images from my visit and also a screen shot of some colour studies from my new collection. A pop of vibrant, and pastel or neural or two with a colour theme (ie warm reds) within is my moto. 

I never knew there were so many shades of grey! 

10 holland street creative process colour hella jongerius

10 holland street design museum colour textile design hella jongerius

10 Holland Street Rug design colour charts development. Interior fabrics Hella Jongerius

A colour chart from a rug project a number of years back. 

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