Day 15. Sea Views. Good for Perspective?

Ringstead beach 10 Holland street Dorset family design textile designer

 Ringstead Beach. Quinn’s 1st Birthday 

There’s nothing like seeing the horizon at the end of a seaview to gain some perspective and positivity. In the last couple of weeks the social media focus has been to promote some positivity and forwardthinking messages whilst we are awash with heavy hitting and sad news. I saw a post to encourage people to share your favourite view of the sea in order to promote uplifting images on Facebook and Instagram and it got me thinking about home, #Dorset.

It’s where all my relatives live and where my family should be over #Easter. I crave my countryside-fix every-so often and ever more so feel the need to be closer to home and nature right now.

The #seaair has special properties to me and the deep breathing of highly oxygenated air is what we could all do with more of right now. To help us feel more calm and hopeful.

So today where-ever you are, breath in deep and think of the air as sea air, rich in nutrients and good stuff to brush away the cobwebs (and bad vibes).


Dursley’s door 10 Holland street Dorset textile designer fabrics

 Durdle Door from Sea

10 holland street Dorset west bay Bridport textile designer West Bay in Bridport 

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