Catwalk School Gates- Kimonos on Trend

Anne Marie Gee reviews the latest kimono trends from Holland Street and other British loungewear brands.

''A kimono is something that every woman should have in their wardrobe.  For me it was We are Leone who kicked off the trend and I am still lusting after one of their pieces.  Then came For Restless Sleepers – these brands appeared all over social media and whet our appetite for this look.

Why kimonos?

They work with everything.  If you love jeans but want to dress the look up in the evening then throw a kimono over, as I have below, the one below is vintage from SK Vintage ( they always have a few) .

A kimono over shorts is a great way to get away with wearing shorts in the city when you don’t want all of your legs on show.

Catwalk school gates Anne Marie Gee Holland Street Kimono loungewear catwalk school gates kimono holland street

My top tips is Holland Street – this British brand is so well priced and the fabrics are spot, as featured above!

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