As the nights get longer and colder, nothing says cosy quite like a silk dressing gown. The Independent

The Independent's Chloe James has written a great piece on the perfect christmas garment; The Dressing Gown! ''As the nights get longer and colder, nothing says cosy quite like a silk dressing gown. From the moment the clocks decide to go back, it becomes more and more acceptable to choose gorgeous nightwear over clothes, and suddenly the dressing gown becomes a vital piece in your autumn/winter wardrobe. 

Whether you’re a big-time traditionalist looking for an added cosy layer on those cold nights, or you’re looking for the perfect patterned housecoat to throw on the moment you get home, we’ve rounded up the cosiest, cutest and most festive dressing gowns available right now.

Here are Holland Street's top robes and gowns.


Candy Crush Silk dressing gown robe Holland Street London

Candy Crush



Cosima Dressing Gown Holland Street London Silk

Cosima Silk Long Kimono 



Cuba Silk gown Holland Street London The Independent

Cuba Silk Robe



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