The Kimono. RED Magazine.

Editor-In-Chief of Red Magazine, Sarah Bailey, reveals summer's biggest trend. Holland Street's kimono trends. 

Sarah wrote ''At the unbelievably glamorous Royal Academy Summer Party a couple of weeks ago the guests were, of course, beautifully dressed, but what a blinking cold night it was.

As we huddled in the courtyard, buffeted by a burst of miserable, cold rain, I pondered again on what best to wear for a high summer party, in our unpredictable isle.

Having eyed my fellow RA revellers (some looking distinctly cold-shouldered and shivery), I would say that those working a kimono + party dress + elegant platform combination had figured the ultimate bulletproof party equation.

Keeping the rest of your look relatively dialled down is what is going to keep you looking chic and modern. For instance, if you’ve got long-ish hair, avoid wearing it too big — it makes the effect a bit boudoir-y. Ditto lace-trim camisoles and needle heels.

Chinese cheongsam dressing has really cast its spell over the season. If searching online for a dress or top inspired by this figure-hugging silhouette, it’s worth noting that High Street retailers rarely use the term ‘cheongsam’, preferring instead to refer to this style as ‘mandarin neck’.''

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