Isolation Diary Day 8. How I wanted to create an innovative GINGHAM

10 Holland street gingham chintz tradition innovation cotton dresses 10 Holland street gingham inspiration research fashion LONDON fashion week Gingham Definition

‘lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold colour. "gingham curtains"


At 10 Holland Street we are excited and motivated by innovation and creating something that is pushing design concepts to the next level. I got thinking about how gingham was a stereotypical Chintzy and often quite quaint fabric in a traditional home. (Although saying that it’s something I’ve always loved, it’s classic fresh and modern in its own special way. )

I see gingham as the perfect coordinates, it goes with almost anything.

Having decided I had the ability to draw a ‘new ‘ gingham I decided to create a wavy, textural, wobbly effect using crumpled gingham.

I thought carefully about how to create texture, depth, tone and shade using different mark making techniques in fine posca pens on tracing paper.

I created a template using creased gingham material, I  put it on the photocopier and printed the wavy fabric. -after tracing this in pen and hand drawing, I then created a repeating block pattern which I digitalised and coloured.


You can see on our shop page  our gingham co-ordinates that comes in a cotton and a natural linen, and a variety of colourways. Even out cushions are backed with this versatile print!

 Shop our gingham here! Available in Ruby, Greyscale, Janey Blue, Olive and Satsuma 

We have designed a concept for a pitch with Habitat and hope we are successful

With a piece of gingham furniture (from recycled plastic) and our cushion series.


To celebrate al things gingham, I have attached images of recent AW20 fashion inspiration as well as some interior research. Maybe this will get your creative ideas following about how to get some gingham into your home? Tell us your thoughts!


10 Holland street gingham trend thom Browne matches fashion aw20 habitat

10 Holland street gingham jug research
10 Holland street gingham interiors research cotton linen

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