‘Greenwashing’ A new sustainable term to remember

I’m reading more and more about how high street fashion retailers are trying to ‘greenwash’ us into thinking they are being sustainably and ticking the environmental boxes, but are they really? ... This article in the @the.independent shines some light on a new material called Circulose being used in H&M, but is it all that great for the planet in reality?

10 Holland street fashion eco fashion


‘The clothes sold by H&M will comprise a Circulose/Viscose blend that uses 50 per cent Circulose sourced from upcycled cotton jeans fabric and 50 per cent viscose sourced from FSC-certified wood.
“Circulose is an absolute box-ticker,” La Manna says. “Not only is it creating something from waste, it’s also vegan-friendly, non-toxic, durable and biodegradable. As a ‘new’ material, it’s much more planet friendly than a lot of the sustainable yarns that are already on the market.

The message is clear that we should be buying less clothes in general and should become conscious of how the supply and demand model is pushing out so many unwanted and badly designed synthetic clothes already (which can’t be recycled!) . Just by recycling viscose and jeans that haven’t sold will not help, slowing down consumption but choosing just good quality, but fewer well made garments, will.

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10 Holland street sustainable fashion

10 Holland street sustainable fashion

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