Day 60. My First Pair of Veja Trainers!

A little lockdown treat to myself was a pair of brand new Veja trainers. I had heard about these cool products from; friends, magazines, generally everywhere online (and not forgetting Meghan Markle has been spotted wearing them). I was drawn into the fact that they 'go' with everything and to be honest after having them for a week, it is hard to disagree. 
 What makes Veja trainers more memorable for me than anything else is the environmental creditentals that they claim to be supporting. The fairly traded rubber for the soles, the organic cotton for canvas and laces, the techno material from recycled plastic bottles and Veja claim to 'high standard factories' in Brazil. 
This is a company that I hope is leading the way for cool, stylish and very wearable products. This highlights how possible it is to make a great business using majority of sustainable materials and processes. 
'The Veja Project creates a positive chain.' 
I love everything about this statement.
 Please keep to your word, Veja and continue to produce great trainers that people actually want to wear, keep promoting innovative and sustainable technologies for years to come and inspire other brands like mine to make enviromentaly more friendly choices in production. 

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